Solar stations and control units

Solar station and control unit control the whole solar energy system and allow optimum connection to any heating system. Schüco solar stations meet the highest quality requirements and ensure reliably high solar yields. The integrated control unit can be used to request information such as solar yields and operating states.

All Schüco solar control units allow demand-driven circulation. This means that when the tap is turned on, the pump switches on and hot water is transported to the tap.
The pump then switches itself off again automatically. This avoids heat loss and power consumption is minimized by the pump.

Solar stations control the flow of solar fluid from the collectors into the solar storage cylinder. The solar yields can only be effectively fed into the storage cylinder with an optimum volume flow. Schüco solar stations continually measure the volume flow and automatically make the optimum setting for any operating state. There is no need for the installer to set the volume flow manually, as is otherwise usually required.

Key benefits:

  • Volume flow of the system is set automatically - for high solar yields and safe operation
  • Demand-driven circulation minimuses heat loss and power consumption