Bullet-resistant systems

In the project business, in particular, there are sectors where bullet-resistant solutions are required in addition to protection against break-in, for example, at banks and insurance companies, post offices, government institutions and retail outlets. Here too, Schüco offers suitable systems with perfect component compatibility.

Bullet-resistant systems: key features

  • Armoured external profile walls from special aluminium alloy
  • Thick special glazing (Schüco Protect) or special infill panels
  • Security fittings
  • Of course, Schüco systems conform to the standards that apply for bullet-resistant windows, doors and façades, and have appropriate test certificates
  • Wide range of colours and designs
  • High level of system security

The Schüco maxim - increased protection must be unobtrusive - also applies for bullet-resistant units. Aesthetically-speaking, the bullet-resistant constructions appear the same as with standard profiles, and can therefore be harmoniously integrated in the façade. An impressive symbiosis of form, colour and function is achieved.

Schüco - your expert in the design of bullet-resistant systems.