Schüco e-slide

Schüco e-slide – Opening, closing and locking at the touch of a button

Schüco e-slide gives you maximum convenience when operating sliding door systems. A gentle touch with the fingertip and the door to your balcony, conservatory or patio opens, shuts or locks as required. The automatic drive system is fully concealed in the leaf profile and is available for sliding and lift-and-slide systems.


Forget handles or levers. Sliding or lift-and-slide doors with Schüco e-slide are easy and reliable to use by means of a button on the leaf, an external wall-mounted switch or a central building control unit. So easy that incorrect operation is almost impossible. Schüco e-slide offers you maximum security using “intelligent software”. Integrated anti-finger-trap protection ensures that the leaf immediately reverses if it encounters an obstacle such as a person or an object. Any such obstacle can even be recognised via an optional infrared sensor as soon as it comes within a specified distance of the system.


The more smoothly sliding doors and lift-and-slide doors operate, the easier they are to use and to live with. Schüco has therefore developed e-slide technology. This allows leaf weights of up to 250 kg or units with a maximum height and width of 3 metres to be moved quickly and silently, fully automatically, without physical effort. Additional functions, such as night ventilation, help to maximise comfort.


And last but not least: concealed technology. The Schüco e-slide concealed drive system, with its handle-less design solution, provides clear, uncluttered lines for the opening units. There are no limits to the choice of colours; the profile surfaces can be ordered in contrasting colours inside and outside.