Sliding doors

Sliding doors: space-saving and space-efficient

Sunshine and fresh air: in hot weather, don't you often wish you could open up your living space with just a few turns of a handle? Schüco can help you realise this dream - through highly technically advanced sliding and folding door systems. All our windows and doors offer space-saving design, because the door leaf opens parallel to the static pane, instead of opening into the room, and their large size allows for plenty of light.

Silent, smooth operation

Schüco lift-and-slide doors are almost silent in operation and child's play to use. With folding/sliding doors, you open complete glass walls almost fully, whilst the tilt/slide doors combine the benefits of sliding windows and turn/tilt windows: the door units ?float? on ball-bearing rollers and are very easy to operate and can also be tilted.

Select the optimum solution for you from the wide range of window door, sliding and folding/sliding door systems. All systems offer great design combined with perfect functionality.

Slide to save energy

Sliding doors are also subject to high requirements in terms of thermal insulation. Although the glass area is of great importance in this respect due to its large size, the frame and in particular the centre mullion also make a key contribution. Thanks to thermally insulated profiles and high quality gaskets, Schüco products represent a satisfactory solution all round.

Through appropriate basic depths and face widths, Schüco sliding units harmonise with the overall appearance of windows and doors and of conservatories - after all, the overall impression is just as important as individual details.

Schüco sliding doors are typified by being easy to use and offering a wide range of designs. Non-thermally insulated versions for interiors, e.g. between living room and conservatory are also available if required.

Slide at the push of a button - Schüco e-slide

Schüco is also proud to present Schüco e-slide - the world's first locking, automatically opening sliding door. The sliding unit is automatically unlocked, raised and moved to one side - all with a single touch on an operating panel or via a centralised/decentralised countrol unit.

Contact your local Schüco partner for more information and choose from the variety of options that Schüco offers you.