Fingerprint and remote control

Security and comfort in one!

Perhaps you know the feeling... on a stressful day, you leave the house and then later realise that you have forgotten your key. Or you have misplaced the key somewhere, you are in a hurry, and you cannot find it. These are situations that one could well do without, indeed they can prove expensive. Such problems can become a thing of the past with the innovative locking systems from Schüco.

Fingerprint: Doors that open on their own

With the biometric fingerprint reader system, you simply pass your finger over the thermal strip to unlock the door automatically. Only the specified users can operate the system successfully, which offers both convenient access to the building and ensures a high level of security against unwanted visitors. Since no fingerprints are left behind on the scanner strip, it is practically impossible to tamper with the system.

Remote control: Unlocking at the touch of a button

The ergonomic and attractive transmitter enables you to open your entrance doors very easily by operating the remote control. You will doubtless already be familiar with this technology from your car - with Schüco, you can now enjoy the same confort at home.
The radio receiver is fully concealed in the door frame, giving it maximum protection from external factors. The radio signals are always encoded, another plus for security. The twin channel technology allows two locking systems to be unlocked simultaneously at the touch of a button if required. If you combine this innovative technology with electric door locks, such as the Schüco SafeMatic lock, then you have the ideal alance of comfort and security.