Door infill panels

Use your front door to make a statement

Your front door is more than just an opening you go through. It is a personal identification, design feature, which, at the same time, offers protection and connects the inside to the outside world. Schüco is conscious of these different demands and for this very reason, offers a broad range of front door infills so that you can choose the optimum in every aspect of door design.


You have the choice between a fibre glass reinforced PVC-U or a high quality aluminium infill. It consists of two cover plates each 1.5 mm thick, and a PU foam core. Depending on your personal requirement for thermal insulation, the infill can be between 24 mm and 38 mm thick. For the widest variety of glass, which can also increase the insulation properties, please speak directly to you Schüco partner company.


Security infills are usually additionally reinforced by an internal aluminium core which is glued to the door leaf. The internal aluminium sheet reinforces the construction considerably and ensures increased security against unwanted intruders.

In order to be able to describe the security requirements in the whole house more clearly, five security classes (WK) in accordance with the latest European standards have been defined. As far as front doors are concerned WK1 describes the lowest security standard, whereas WK 5 indicates the highest security class. These classifications also refer to different types of intruder employing different methods and tools. The overwhelming majority of all break-ins are perpetrated by opportunistic burglars who attack with a simple tool such as a screwdriver or chisel, or simply use their own body weight. In cases such as this, even the simplest of measures offer effective protection. The police recommend therefore security in class WK2 or WK3 for front doors.


An outstanding advantage of the infills, ornamental frames and applications is that they are easy to clean. This saves a great deal of time and labour. Schüco also supplies a wide range of suitable cleaning products.


One fundamental feature is the attractive appearance of the door as a focal point in the house façade. If, in times gone by, doors were only a means to an end, over the decades they have developed to become a substantial design feature.