Schüco lässt Sie nicht im Regen stehen

Imagine you are standing in the pouring rain outside your door, searching for your key. Or your guests are waiting in the bad weather for you to let them in. There is a simple solution to this problem: with a Schüco canopy you and your guests will always be in the dry. At the same time you front door will also be protected from the effects of the weather. But that's by no means all!

So that the roof does not suffer verdigris, also called patina, high-quality, weather-resistant aluminium is used. This guaranatees easy care, security and also a high degree of durability.

Usefulness and design combined

You have the option of two different designs of canopy: TopSky I (fixed at an angle) und TopSky II (with adjustable angle). Both variants offer a high level of creative freedom through the numerous design options and allow you to design a completely individual entrance. In deciding on TopSky you are choosing a system that captivates by its attrachtive and unusual optical lightness. The transparent design enhances without imposing. Emphasise you entrance using aluminium system profiles in a whole range of colours. By choosing the appropriate glass there are effectively no limits. For example, you could use tinted glass to create variable contrasts with the profile. If required, a photovoltaic installation could also be integrated, which could also supply additional electricity for your household. It's clear: With TopSky you are making a crystal clear decision - both in terms of design and also as regards your personal usage requirements.