A perfect climate with Schüco ventilation systems

Energy-saving windows and doors are indispensible for good thermal insulation. The highest level of thermal insulation reduces energy costs, and simultaneously leads to a higher degree of air humidity, which then requires intensive ventilation. What is important above all is regular ventilation, so that the air in the room doesn't become too humid, and to avoid any formation of fungus in the rooms. The Schüco ventilation systems support you in checking air quality and ensure in this way a perfect climate for living - even when you are away from home.


Roof ventilation windows ensure pleasant air exchange and prevent heat build-up on sunny days. The Schüco VentoAir/VentoMat ventilation system for conservatories protect both from excessive humidity and also from overheating of the inside air. It guarantees a contolled air exchange without you having to open a window or a sliding door.


The ventilation functions can be automated via a central control system. In this way you can specify whether the roof window closes automatically when it rains, or opens automatically when the inside air reaches a certain temperature.


The VentoControl control system is used for automatic ventilation and shading of conservatories: It turns the ventilator on and off, opens and closes roof windows, unrolls and rolls up awnings. So you can treat yourself to a long holiday without a care. VentoControl ensures optimum ventilation. Attractive low voltage integral lights also ensure adequate lighting when it gets dark.


All Schüco ventilation modules are compact and small. Due to its elegant design it can be integrated into your individual living environment.