Schüco conservatory CMC 50 - convincing in every respect

In addition to increased comfort from addition living space and attractive designs, with a conservatory you also enjoy other advantages such as energy saving, energy generating and security. Set high requirements with regard to energy, security, comfort and design, so that you can feel happy in your conservatory. For this the Schüco CMC 50 (Conservatory Modular Construction) conservatory system offers a variety of construction and outfitting with which you can bring your own personal conservatory dream to perfect fruition.


Even the conservatory alone, without additional components, offers real energy-saving and enery-generating potential. The explanation is simple: Incidental sunlight is converted into heat (e.g. warm floor tiles etc.), which, in turn, cannot then escape from the glass envelope. This produces a greenhouse effect which significantly reduces the need for extreme heating from conventional heating systems. The temperature difference between the outside and the inside is smaller in a house with a conservatory. It creates an ideal protective zone between the outdoor and indoor climate and increases the energy-saving effect day and night - even without direct sunshine. On the other hand there is the danger of overheating in and around the conservatory on hot summer days. You can successfully prevent this problem, thanks to Schüco: Suitable roller shutter and external blinds, Schüco sliding shutters and awnings ensure that penetrating solar radiation is significantly reduced.


Of course, you will want to feel just as safe in the conservatory as you do in the rest of your house. And it is for this reason, that Schüco has devoted particular attention to this field of product development. It is an important part of the Schüco security concept, that all units are designed to fulfil your security requirements. With special burglar-resistant profile series for the opening units used for the conservatory, suitably highly effective fittings technology and the use of security glazing and your conservatory will be effectively protected from valdalism and break-in.


As you can see, there are many reasons to choose a Schüco conservatory. But what of your personal motives? Would you like to be surrounded by nature in every season, regardless of rain and snow? Or do you need an additional work room or living room all year round? Schüco conservatory CMC 50 will make your dreams come true: You will enjoy the highest level of comfortable living and also benefit from generously extended living space.


Thermal and moisture-related loading on conservatories requires well-designed constructive measures. With the high-quality Schüco conservatory CMC 50 you will be shaping your individual rooms of well-being on the basis of an optimised system.