Make everyday a holiday

Have you got an apartment without a balcony? Then improve the quality of your life. Schüco offers you efficient and economical solutions for balconies. For existing buildings as well as for new-build projects. There are many models available - from self-supporting built-on balcony to balcony extension fixed to the wall (with or without supports) to multi-storey stacked balconies.

An investment with real returns

Whether with or without balcony roof and wind protection, a balcony increases your living space and provides you with a place in the sun. The system technology from Schüco meets your requirements down to the last detail. Versatile design options, practically maintenance-free constructions, economical and without the need for major building work - but with a maximum cost/benefit ratio.

The appearance of your balcony is determined by the profile construction and the floor panels, but also to a substantial degree by the railings. The profile construction ensures a stable structure with an elegant look and also takes over the internal drainage of rainwater.

The range of colours and infills available for the railings give you plenty of scope to create your very own design. Stainless steel or aluminium hand rails ensure a pleasant feel, clean lines, whilst the wide range of infills bring a balanced appearance.