Solar panel laboratory: Skywin supports students of the Kazakh-German University

In January 2009, Skywin Kazakhstan installed solar panels at the Kazakh-German University in Almaty in order to assist students in the faculties of “Engineering and Economics” and “Engineering” specialising in the following subjects:

  • Ecological management and technology
  • Energy and environment engineering
  • Facility management and building services engineering

The solar panel laboratory will enable students to visualise how Schüco photovoltaic and solar thermal installations work.

The solar thermal installation, consisting of 2 collectors and 1 x 300 litre storage cylinder, converts the rays of the sun into hot water, without any negative impact on the environment. 

The photovoltaic installation with an output of 1.7 kW, the centrepiece of the energy-saving laboratory, converts the rays of the sun into electrical energy. 

All of the components that make up the installations and the diagrams showing their function are explained in German and Russian on posters with clear graphics. All that remains is to wish the students success with these innovative technologies in the new specialisms.

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